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Monday, 25 May 2015

Lyon - Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière

Mike and I had a holiday in Lyon, France, for a week. It is the first proper holiday since we got Topaz, our first dog, and she is 11 years old now. Also this year is our 20th wedding anniversary. So we decided to celebrate it.

Lyon is my French 'hometown'. When I visited there for the first time when I was in my twenties, I liked it so much. Since then I have visited there quite a few times. It has changed so much since my last visit. It was so lovely we both could enjoy seeing around there.

The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. The exterior is beautiful, but interior is breath taking. I could feel the love of the people.

Local nickname- upside down elephant!

We took the oldest funicular of the world, 150 years old, to get to the top of the hill.

The world first 

Another world on the top of the hill

Everywhere is beautiful and ornate, Even the view is superb.

View over Lyon and beyond

Our hotel is on the top right along the avenue with trees. 
The Saone and Rhone

But most of all, I was taken by beautiful mosaics. It was very difficult to take photos, but here are some to share with you. I sat inside and just looked at mosaics. They are large, and each has a story.

The crypt is also beautiful This chicken protector caught my eyes. 

People built this on private funding to praise Maria for protecting Lyon from Black death and plague. I could feel the gratitude of the people towards her protection. This has become one of my favourite churches, and I will visit there again next time I visit Lyon.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


The bisque-firing went well. So once I have unloaded the kiln, I cleaned up all edges with sandpapers and started  preparing for glaze-firing. this is the part I don't enjoy too much! :D It is tedious and fiddly in the least!

Large tapirs became adult Malayn tapirs.

I made an espresso after a few hours of hard work. The spoon is by Eric Heblot, French artist. 

Even though my kiln is small, I make sure that those which need higher temperature go on a top shelf, and those which don't like high temperature go to a lower shelf. It is not very easy sometimes. Hence lower shelf is very crowded, and top shelf emptier! 

A dozen of tapirs hiding here.

Top shelf

Sunday morning, they came out of the kiln and had their first breakfast! :D

'Is this it?'
 Tiny teeny whippets have come beautifully!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


I did bisque-firing on the 13th Wednesday. Baby Tapirs are heading at somewhere!

I gathered them and put them in the kiln! The 13th, Wednesday, I did bisque-firing. Lower shelf.  

And the top shelf.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

A report from the studio

Here is the report from the studio for the last two weeks!

I was making one for a young gentleman who purchased a similar one for his friend at Ceramic Art London, and then I thought why not making more. Three tiny whippets, about 4 cm long! : )

Teeny Tiny whippets
An Giant Anteater for a lovely young lady!

Tapir Waiting List started moving again. Here are a few of them! 

A my first robin for a lovely lady!


Small tapir and tiny ones!

Large, small and tiny - size comparison! 

More rabbits.

Dawn Chorus for Artichoke gallery, Ticehurst. 

Studio shelf is getting crowded! 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

They found lovely homes!

I did the first firing in two weeks. It was a bright sunny day! The kiln was powered by solar energy in part. Good to be ecological!

Today, I am going to share the works sold for the last three weeks.

They went to lovely ladies. I would like to make more blackbirds when I get more time.

Blackbirds - sold

One hopped to France and one to England. : )

A commissioned work for a lovely dog lover.


Owl, Jazz, is my comeback piece to quirky animal figures. I was asked what the owl is holding, if she is holding anything, by a lady owner. In fact, she is laying an egg!

Owl Jazz
The white rabbit I didn't take to London, went to a lovely lady in the USA.

White rabbit

Sky, the cherub, travelled with the rabbit above. 

Sky, cherub

Fores Girl, Primavera, flew to the same lady's home.

And another bronze glazed whippet found a lovely home. 

Thank you so much! : )