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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Back from Tokyo exhibition

I came back from Tokyo a week ago. The exhibition went very well. Sales had continued until the last day. I was very happy to fly back light as Mike had to go back a week earlier. We went with four cases full of work, and I came back with one case of work. Brilliant.

There were visitors from all over the Kanto region as well as Kansai region, which is the western part including the Osaka and Kyoto area. Thank you so much.


I thank all those who purchased and visited. It was so lovely to meet you and to have chat with you!

They found good homes in Japan! Thank you so much!

The Pacific - sold

Neko kaburi - sold

Answer was in the box - sold

Children in conflict - sold

Red ridinghood -sold

Angel - sold

Tohryannsei - sold

The girl with red shoes - sold

Rabbit - sold

Polar bears - sold

Kaze no fukumama - Silver shell collection

All little tapirs have gone, of course.

And these stayed in Japan with my mother.

Angel - sold

Spring - sold

Current issue of Art Collectors' magazine is on 3D art. My work is featured in it.

A Japanese blog has also featured my exhibition. Thank you!

Thank you, people in Japan! See you again!


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Midori Takaki - Fantasia, Kyobashi, Tokyo

Hello! We are in a bullet train on the way back to Tokyo from Kyoto. It has been very hot, 30C every day.

Since we left Canterbury on the 13th, it had been hectic until we arrived at Kyoto for a short break. We had to get up at 3:50, at Heathrow airport hotel. Our plane arrived just after 6 at Haneda airport, Tokyo, on the 15th. Then we did setting up for the exhibition on the 16th, and the opening day on the 17th. We wanted to travel and to stay in Kanazawa for two nights after that, but all hotels were booked in the city when we searched for any available rooms the night before; we didn't have time to do in advance. So we made three day trips instead; to Sendai, Kaazawa and Nagano. Tiring, but very enjoyable. Then we went back to the gallery on Saturday. I met old friends including primary and secondary school friendwho I have not met about 35 years.

There were so many visitors last Saturday. I am sorry if I was unable to say hello to you.

The exhibition started nicely. Several pieces have gone to loving homes. I had pleasure to see lovely Korean ceramic artist Kim who visited CAL last year, again.

Two Japanese art magazines featured my exhibition. That was nice.

I will be in the gallery on the 31st and 3rd.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Preparing for an exhibition in Tokyo

Midori Takaki
17 May -  3 June 2016

Kyobashi, 2-10-10, Chuo-ku Tokyo 

Silver Shell Gallery

It has been very hectic since CAL. We both got tonsillitis, and then there was the worst part of the construction to bear. We were stressed out. However the show must go on. 

Here are some images of making work for the exhibition. 

Bisque firing

Finally Mike cut a damged kiln shelf to two. 

Whilst waiting for the larger pieces to dry, I made these ones. Animals in Japan. They are not real animals, but those that live in our minds and daily life. You see them in shop windows and shrines in Japan 

Animals in Japan

It was difficult to schedule firings as I was unable to fire for sevearal days due to the building work. It was a frustrating peiod.  

Glaze firing

Animals in Japan, Manekineko, Oinari-san and Monkey will be in Tokyo. 

Animals in Japan

My Etsy shop remains open, but please be aware that next posting date will be the 6th June. 

Thank you! 

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

My studio is being built.

Here is Midori's new stiudio to be. What d'ya think? 

I have been very busy making work for my solo exhibition in Tokyo. As I had great sales at CAL, I suddenly found myself needing to make more, but that's a small price to pay for a great show.

Studio and storage room.

In the meantime, our house has been upside down because of the builders. The construction of an extension, my studio, began at the beginning of March. I had to create loads of work for CAL in early April and Tokyo solo exhibition in mid-May. But as we had waited for two years to get the building project off the ground, I gave it a go. My order book is usually full for the next six months most of the time. What difference would it make? 

Demolition of the wall

To the studio

It had been ok despite all noise and vibration until last week when they removed the wall to make a doorway between current house and the extension. Then our stress levels shot up. Invisible dusts remain in air as they are too lightweight to fall down. The smell of dusts was overwhelming. Then suddenly there were three men ripping off floorboards in different places on the 1st floor, and we can't access upstairs as one of them was on the landing. They drilled the ceiling over me. I had no place to sit, so had to perch on a window. Chaos. 

Mike took a day off and helped them to locate cables and pipes. It is my office. 

But the worst was that I was unable to work even though I had to! Builders appear 7:30 every morning. Usually weekends are quiet, but last Saturday a plasterer had worked a whole Saturday morning. On that night, I had to work until 10:30 to compensate. Exhausted. I became slightly mad with red eyes, dark crircles and underglaze in my hair and face.

Having said that, our builders are good, smart and efficient. We are very happy with what they have done. 

No access to upstairs or to front door, neither.
Now we are in the final week. Currently I am re-firing work. And this could be the last firing before leaving for Tokyo, or there might be another. But we could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I tell you, it has been tiring, stressful experience. But I kept telling myself after this I could work anywhere in any condition. Did I need another challenge? Well, no, but a life is full of challenegs, anyway.  

Pearl? I don't know where she is. Even dogs had to pile up as there was no space left in the winodw.

18th April

We have just recovered from backaches as we had to move funiture quite often. Building work is a hard work even if you don't lay the bricks yourself!

The second of March - This was the beginning. 


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

My neighbours at CAL

I had another bout of fever, and finally got rid of it. So here is the last report about CAL 2016.

First, ladies and gentlemen, let me announce the winner of 2016 Fenella and Midori's who is funnier award! Fenella won by a big margin! She makes breath-takingly beautiful work. Her stand was at the entrance, we and all visitors, enjoy seeing her work through lighting. She is one of the funniest artists in the show, I imagine.  Her head is so full of ideas and fun!

Fenella Elms at her stand. 
Some artists look serious, and some are really serious, but lots of people are fun when we have a chat. I, usually change character as a show goes on. As my voice becomes hoarse, I become urban street urchin like. I should have been an actress!

Fenella, her daughter and her friends. 

There were 88 international artists in the show. As we spend 3 and a half days together we tend to chat with neighbours. My next neighbour was Isobel Egan from Ireland. Her installation was so beautiful. Oculus, in the photo was my favourite, and it has gone to a lovely home in London.

Margaret Curtis is a veteran of ceramic shows. She is so warm and kind. Her stand looked fabulous. Her large jars are so beautiful. She told us lots of funny stories, which we still remember and giggle.

Margaret Curtis

Sue Paraskeva had not only done demonstration, but also performance at CAL. She dropped a wood plank on her freshly thrown pots.

Sue Paraskeva

Tanya Gomez was colourful by her work and by her dresses. Arguably the brightest spot at CAL.

Tanya Gomez

Sue Pryke's work are urban modern simplicity. She was with her lovely daughter .

Barbara Hast comes from Germany. We didn't have a chance to get to know each other much as we are a bit far apart, but we greeted in the storage.  

Here are pics before CAL starts. The right bottom corner is beautiful Ipek Kotan's stand. She is from Turkey. She and I are having a chat at my stand.