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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Suffering for my art

I keep making! I did bisque-firing last Tuesday. The rabbit was too tall, so he had to be on side.

Lower shelf

Top shelf
 Once I make a large one, I like to make more! This wolf fills the kiln itself.


Tuesday night, I fell from a chair. I was holding a mask I was working on, and sat down on the chair backward. I thought there was chairback. There wasn't. I fell backward and I heard my head hit the hard floor.
Next time I noticed, Mike and two dogs were crowding around me. My leg got stuck between chair legs, and I was unable to get up. Mike said 'You must let it go!' and removed the mask I was holding from my hands. It was my precious baby, I was protecting it!
I'm ok. Don't worry! I have whiplash, a big bruise to show off and a bump, but I'm ok. Also I have looked after myself, and didn't overdo it. Having said that, I had to carry on working on the mask with an ice pack on my head that night! But since then, I have worked in a more comfortable position, I didn't dance like no tomorrow, and walked dogs for such short walks that they complained!

I was given good advice on that night. I should tell Mike to check on me through the night. I told him, but he slept through! (I knew!) But I woke up several times and kept checking on myself to see if I was still with me. I was! I kept thinking 'Good, I'm still alive!'. When I told this to Mike next morning, he said when he woke up early in the morning he checked if I was still breathing! (what if I wasn't?)
So ladies and gentlemen, this is the mask I was protecting. Alison Deegan, print maker friend, said 'that is truly suffering for your art?' Yes, it was!

He will be fired soon.
Despite all of this, Pumpkin the chicken is peacefully shielding herself from the strong wind in the garden. This is the view from my studio. She makes me happy!

Pumpkin's favourite place. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Another mask for a giant

Now I am in the groove. That means I create more and more with relative ease. They will come to me. How wonderful! However, some labour always comes with physical pain!

I made another mask for a giant. Mike is holding it for me, and Topaz is wonderfing what we were doing.

These hairy arms are not mine, Mike's! :D  Hairy back is Topaz's. 

This is how I have made it.

One dark night I started with this ring. Magical!

And I layered the clay on top.

Just continued. 

Then suddenly it looks like a chamber pot! 

Now checking the form and height at the same time. Did you notice it made babies? 

The closing is tricky.

Now it started looking like a pupee.

Whist waiting for clay dries. I made an ear. Huge! 

To finish closing, this torture device was installed. Mike calls it a prayer.

Tada" A scary huge mask. Not finished yet.  

Now finished. 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

A report from the studio.

I have worked hard again this week. Not only that, I have made a good progress on every front. How nice! Sunny warm weather at this time of the year could be distracting. No worries about that here! yesterday the first white rabbit from the last firing went to a new home. Today 4 rabbits and a lamb have gone to a nice lady in Singapore.They are very popular! Thank you so much!

I will share some photos from the studio of the last couple of weeks.

A big head
 The goddess of rabbits and owl!They were bisque-fired.

A group photo! Bisque-fired rabbits.

Next glaze-firing. 

Lower shelf 

Top shelf

Carrots and Strawberries line up! They are in my shop now!

Easter is coming. 6 ladies on the rabbit list. 3 ladies have had their picks.  6 rabbits have gone. Here are some of them.  If there are any left, I will list them on my shop. Watch this space. : ) 


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

New pieces in the gallery

Last Sunday, we went to Sunbury Embroidery gallery to replace Freedom and Hope, which were sold to an lovely lady in the US, with new works. We also took another Answer was in the box with us, as there werer two people who wanted the one in the gallery. Whilst we were there, a third person who wanted it appeared. There are never enough!

Answer was in the box

The new pieces in the gallery are Faun and another Freedom.



 It was a cold day, but early cherry had flowers in the walled garden.
The walled garden
 For lunch, we went to Hampton court. We wanted to have a supper on PV night, but we didn't have time then. So we were delighted that we were finally there. There are lots of eateries there.

We went to a family run Italian restaurant. I entertained waiters with my Italian with a Japanese accent. On the same road, there is The Fountain Gallery, run by artists. My friends, Stephanie Wilkinson and Tessa Pearson show their works regularly.

Oppsite to it, there was a pub with Victroian building nicely refurbished. 

We came back home about 4, and took dogs for a walk, then I napped. Within 16 hours, I had slept 13 hours! 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

I will be in the gallery tomorrow morning.

Hello! Mike and I have been moving furniture a lot today. It was exhausting. We are doing a mock-up for Ceramic Art London. My arms are already aching.

I will be in the gallery tomorrow morning. If you would like to hear stories about my works in strong Japanese accent, please come! :D

Here is one my latest works in the exhibition. Into the woods.

Hope and Freedom were also sold. Thank you so much!

Hope and Freedom - Sold

WHITE BALANCE, until 29th March, Sunbury Embroidery Gallery
Sunbury Embroidery Gallery Event Page