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Friday, 19 December 2014

Shipping week!

Hello! Is your preparation for Christmas going well? I have been down for last 3 days with headache. As soon as most shipping were done, I got bugs. Typical! It wasn't too bad, but I had to lie down. So I took this as opportunity to read; His Dark Materials by Pullman. My first book of this year! I have just finished Northern lights It is gripping and I enjoyed travelling another world with Lyra and Iorek, my favourite character in it. The headache has finally subsided. I will be back to action tomorrow. 

The little Lamb with a toy rabbit in the pocket went to a wonderful lady in London. She told me there was already space under the Christmas tree for the lamb! How lovely! She would be truly loved.

This week the last crackle glaze whippet and the last chameleon went to their new loving homes. Next summer I will make a few smaller goofy chameleons again!
Chameleon - sold

Largest whippet - sold

Cuteness 100% lamb - sold
I usually pack my work in double box or double box effect with infill. I shake the boxes to check if inside moves. If it does, more packing would needed. If not, I will take them to reliable Royal Mail! And from there, they will travel all over the world. Amazing!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Pockets are full of happiness!

I have received a couple of messages about the arrivals of an anteater and tapirs. I can tell that they will be truly loved! I am so happy!

This morning, I have posted Carrot and Strawberry to a lovely ceramic artist. They will be Christmas gifts for young ladies. How lovely!

Carrot and Strawberry - sold
I have also made their friends, a piglet and lambs! They will be in my shop later this month. These little colourful girls (yes, they are girls.) make me smile anytime I see them. : ) I'm ambitious to make more friends! : )

Lamb with her toy duck, Piggie with her toy black cat, and lamb with her toy rabbit. 
As a lady requested on FB a group photo, here is one! If you would like a particular one, please send me a message. I will hold her for you before hitting the shop window. : )



Monday, 15 December 2014

Tapirs and Anteaters have left the building

What a relief! The firing went well. Thank you so much for those who have crossed fingers for me and lovely people whose presents are in the kiln! I was mumbling 'Please Santa, help me to give them lovely Christmas!' Thank you, Santa!

Tapir mum and babies

'Mummy, I'm hungry!' 

'What are going to do today, Mummy?' ' Something fun!' 

'Listen, we are going to swim in the river today!'

Anteaters are gathering. They are going to do a meeting! 

This crevice looks a good place to explore... There might be ants in it! :D 

We are going to new lovely homes. But don't forget that we are honourable Great anteaters! 

The pale anteater is my mascot. I made him from a different clay. I will need my mascot tapir, too.

I have posted six packets today, and will do two more tomorrow.  When I took the packets to post office, the lady there turned back and picked up a white thing and gave it to me. It was a Christmas card from the staff! How lovely! As I go there so often, they have got to know me well. 

Life is filled with nice surprises! 

A little polar bear on the rock

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Tapirs and Anteaters wondered if firing is too hot for them!

Last night, I loaded the kiln. It took a long time for me to paint white marking on Tapir babies. I tell you it was difficult to make them look natural!

Tapir babies had their first firing and anteaters had their second.

'I heard that we will be cooked!'
'Will it be hot, I wonder.'

This morning, I started the kiln. My kiln is in the cold garage, The last few firings took longer than usual. The kiln had struggles to reach 1200C and beyond.

'Tapir waiting list 2015 the first half' is closed now.  If you are interested in the tapirs for 2015 summer onward, please let me know I will add you on a list.

Tomorrow I will be able to open the kiln and see the result. Fingers crossed! : )

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Little ones went to bisque-firing

Hello! First, if you are in the US and you would like to get Christmas deliveries, please place orders by the 11th, tomorrow. I will send all orders on the 12th to the US 

The little ones were glaze-fired today. I hope they come out fine tomorrow. Please Santa, keep them safe! There are lots of Christmas presents in it. I can't bear it if anything goes wrong!

I have three Tapirs this time. They were already spoken for. As they caused a bit of stir on Twitter, I have made a Tapir waiting list for 2015! If you would like to be on it, please let me know. : )  

Here is the Mother Tapir.

 She and two babies!

Lower shelf has bronze-gold glaze. I can't take any orders for bronze-gold glaze any longer, as it is running out, and sadly I was not able to make same one. 

Top shelf has rabbits, lambs, anteaters, a pig and a tapir.

Little anteater is hiding here! 

Top shelf is a bit crowded! 

My fingers are crossed for their safe firing! I will see tomorrow. I feel a bit nervous, I must say.

Mike caught a beautiful sunset. The Nature is amazing! Keep warm, everyone!