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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Les Tupiniers du Viex Lyon

We went to Lyon with Eurostar in May 2015, just after they launched a direct train from London. Lyon has been my favourite city in France. I had visited there for quite a few times since I was in my twenties.

After a summer show in Hatfield. I thought it would be great to have a long weekend especially they have Les Tupiniers du Viex Lyon, annual ceramic market. I saw in the website, 'A law by Charles VIII from 14 July 1492 authorizes the “tupiniers” to organize their annual market at Place Saint Jean.' With the love of history and tradition, I felt I must visit the market.

I have seen many ceramic arts and pottery in the UK through the fairs I have taken part in. It is nice to see something different and new in other countries. 

It was a glorious morning. There were already lots of people there. 140 stands under the sun in front of Cathedral Saint-Jean.

The view from the cathedral. Basilicque de Fourviere on the hill.

The market was also in the courtyard.

Also on the streets.

Beautiful cathedral had several gargoyles on it.

My favourite Basilique de Fourviere on the hill. We will visit a few days later.

We did come back next day for the last look. We bought a few more things. 

Lightweight, and beautifully made with details. All are stoneware ceramics. Blue big bowls for Udon, Japanese noodles, small for rice bowls, platter for a chocolate cake, cheese and biscuits. Expressionist bowl for pasta in cream sauce. 

I was brought up with high quality ceramics; my mother loves ceramics. each meal you use, you feel the hands and thoughts of the potter. 

Nice ceramics have nice foot rings. 

They look like paintings. Corinne Betton.

Reduction fired bowls with painterly decoration under white glaze. I love them. 

I fell in love with beautiful water marks. Jean-Luc Pirot

They look so easy to use, and well made.  Jean-Luc Feltrini

We had stayed four days in Lyon.  It was a lovely break for us.

Photos of Lyon: Mike

Monday, 3 September 2018

Art in Clay, Hatfield

It was the hottest summer on the record, they say. My memory of the summer was working hard. Once the show was over, so was summer. I feel slight regret and sadness, but luckily autumn has started nicely with warmth, bright sunshine and cool nights.

Art in Clay was like a long party without stiff drinks or much sleep, neither. Lots of old customers I have known came. How wonderful! Mike and I both agreed it was the most enjoyable show that we have done.

We have also met new awesome customers! What a joy! Thank you so much!

Here are the works which went to new homes.

Amazonica - butterfly paradise - sold

Lamb - sold

Lady in ancient Japan - sold


Koala - sold

The Rock Age - sold

Bird nest - sold

Imara the baby giraffe and her friends. Rabbits are available.

My first sloths, 2 toed and 3 toed, Panda, and white cat went to loving homes. 

Polar bear, fox, quizzical dog, sleep owl and the sloth now live in their new homes. 

Owls are popular. The little chick had to stay in the tent overnight alone!  

Setting up day

It was great to be able to meet so many people! Thank you so much! You made the show successful.

I'm aware that I haven't written about CAL, and all other things yet. It has been hectic and too hot to use my office during summer. I will catch up, soon. 

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Featured on Ceramic Review March/April issue

I have been hectic with prepration for Ceramic Art London 23-25 March. Finally I am able to see the end of tunnel. It's a great relief.

 Today I would like to share the Ceramic Review article on me in the March/April issue. The interviewer is Sue Herdman, one of the nicest persons on the circuit, I met her at my first Ceramic Art London in 2015 while she was the editor of Ceramic Review.  Photos were by the talented Cristian Barnett, who more or less specialises in the photography of food.   

There are six pages with lots of beautiful photos. What else could I want?

You could order a copy if you would like one from

Ceramic Review

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Preparation for Ceramic Art London

The first mask I have made was Cherry tree. In 2016 I made Apple tree, and I wanted to make another tree mask. It has to be a cherry tree. There are both cherry and apple trees in the garden. We seldom have a chance to taste cherries, however, as Wood pigeons eat them all before they become red. But we admire the beautiful blossoms.

This is more detailed mask than Apple tree and also larger.

Cherry tree

Red ridinghood
I have made quite a few Red ridinghood masks in the past. This is a new style. Firing could be a problem, but we will see.  

Girl with a red ribbon

Enchanted Forest

The largest tree mask so far. But I might make even larger one than this.  

I have made four birds. Here are the first two. 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Story masks. Tinderbox and Alice

After working together for four months, the two masks were handed over to a lovely client visiting Britain. It was finally great to meet him.  

One of the great things about commissions is that I am challenged.

Alice is the largest and the most intricate story mask I have ever made. There are unseen details for the client. He will find them once he holds her in his hands. They are secret gifts from me.

I wish they will give plenty of imagination and joy to his family for a long time. Thank you so much.