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Monday, 31 October 2011

The serets of my DoGoo were revealed.

Mudskipper with fake blond wig
What do you think about her? Is it her? Yes, she is. This DoGoo caught most visitors' attention during Open house, but only one person dared to ask me what kind of story is behind this particular DoGoo on the last day. I hesitated... I whispered her 'It is a top secret.' She gorged on. I said 'Nobody knows this story except for my husband and me.' She pointed a red dot, and asked me 'Even the buyer?' I answered 'No, I didn't tell her'. 

After some time, I ended up revealing the secret to her. She enjoyed it so much that she bursted into laughing. I can't tell you here what the story was because it is a top secret. 

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