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Monday, 23 July 2012

Little wee things I made over the weekend.

Summer arrived here in Canterbury today. Blue sky, half sleeves and straw hats. Ah, bliss!

I had a busy weekend making lots of little things to be bisque fired this morning. If the clay is not dry, the chance of it exploding inside the kiln increases. We don't want that. So, we make sure they are bone dry before firing. So, what I made over the weekend are small and/or thin-walled ones for quick drying. 

More of chopstick rests - chameleons, rabbits and sun fish

A bigger hound.
Last week, I also made more chameleons and other creatures, although I forgot to take photos of them. I also spent long hours developing a new line - a funny container. I hope they will come out alright. We will open the kiln tomorrow morning. I feel already excited!

After a week of ceramics, I returned to my day work this morning. I was able to catch up with all news by five. Doing ceramics caused me back ache, which was mostly eased after a day on the office chair. It's pity that my first day back to office is the beginning of summer. But, I have lots to digest this week. After work, I will do glazing in the evenings. We will have another hectic week. 


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