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Monday, 10 December 2012

A productive afternoon in the studio

Hello everyone. Topaz and I have posted the last Christmas order to North America this morning. I hope it will get there in time! It was a nice walk although quite cold. In the afternoon, I went to the studio to do more glazing. My brain has changed to a glazing mode; so I stopped making now. I can't do both well at the same time. Glazing requires different types of brain activity: planning, organizing and thinking. Whereas making figures requires imagination and absorption. I need to see a different world.

I have wondered for some time why the legs of 'Double act' are so rough. Did I overlook them when I made? Unlikely. I usually check all over before drying. It had been a mystery to me. It was revealed that all four legs were broken before bisque firing! It was an accident, and all were repaired without my knowledge. I was most surprised! It is now waiting for a reduction firing on Thursday. Once it was done, I might smooth them out with my new Dremel tool.

Headless is waiting for reduction firing
Goat is in a kiln right now 

Out of Sorts III got a treatment today. Front

Just when I was going to come home, I saw James' pots. How nice!  He is the second year undergraduate. He is as tall as a tree and passionate about ceramics. His website is here. (www.Jamesduck.com) 

James Duck

James Duck


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