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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Red riding hood, wolf and snow

Hello everyone. What a cold March here in England! They say it's the coldest in 50 years. We had snow yesterday. Maximum temperature is 1-4 C, just above freezing. This weather will continue to this week. We may have White Easter!

It's the start of one month break from the University. I am planning to go to the studio as often as I can during the holiday. This weekend I have had a great fun creating my little world. I started with Peter, then Red riding hood and the wolf.  
Red riding hood
 She has a little rabbit button I made in summer.

The wolf. 
Topaz reluctantly posed for me when I made this wolf. She seemed to say "Why Pearl models for a pretty whippet, and I for the wolf?" But when I gave her extra cookies for the work, she seemed convinced that it's not as bad as she thought.

Ah? Peter? I forgot to take a photo of him!

Yesterday morning, we, fab four (Mike, Midori, Topaz and Pearl) ventured to walk to the post office in the snow. I am so glad that lots of people have taken the advantage of the current cheap shipping. I have been to the post office everyday last week to ship orders. After Easter, shipping will increase due to the Royal Mail price increase. So if you have something in mind, this week is the last chance to get them from my Etsy shop with the current shipping fees. 

Church next to the post office
No sign of cherry blossom.

Good night from the eternal winter of Canterbury.


  1. Clapping wildly...love your red ridinghood ! =he wold reminds me a bit of our Jada ...the ears for sure ha ha. Good girl Topaz for the pose.
    Yes New England has had a snowy March as well and more snow tomorrow ~ I suppose we could make it fun and imagine we were in Narnia ;)

    1. Oh my I am sorry Not sure how things got so garbled ...it was suppose to say "The wolf reminds me of our Jada "

    2. Hello Willow. I had fun to make them. It's a perfect thing to do when outside was freezing in late March! : ) I have checked photos of Jada on your blog; definitely ears, and perhaps eyes, too! ; )
      Oh, both new and old England have snow in March! I keep hearing a little voice telling me 'Thus Canterbury became the eternal winter land' just like a fairy tale!

  2. Oh little red riding hood, how wonderful to see these in your sculptures. Love the photos of the church and the cherry tree pruned so nicely to spread out largely.

    1. Hello Linda. They are my interpretation of the old story. I had fun! The church looks always pretty, but even more so in snow despite that the roof is being repaired! But I want warmth and sunshine now. Where is spring?

  3. I love all Grimms tales and Red Riding Hood is a special story from childhood too. It is lovely to see you create it. Your Wolf is magnificent! I love him. Minerva ~

  4. Thank you, Minerva. Red riding hood is special to me, too. I guess it wouldn't be so special if she didn't wear red. The story gives us such strong visualization of the little girl in the dark woods. I am looking forward to finishing them after Easter. : )