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Friday, 18 October 2013

New website and a great day!

Hello everyone. Ta-da. My website is up and running. You might have noticed a new click menu below the blog banner. Address is www.MidoriTakaki.co.uk  Please check it out!

Yesterday I had a great day. Two works at the show were sold. How nice! 'Out of sorts II' is going to a good home of a wonderful lady. I happened to be in the gallery, so I had a great chat with her. 'Who's there', the wall mask, is going to a talented print maker. I think both are wonderful matches. I feel the relationship between artworks and their owners are like marriage. They have to like each other. They will live together for a very long time, too.

At the gallery, ever so helpful Hazel, the curator, was so kind to give me lots of advice. I am so lucky! Even though I have sold my works literally all over the world from my online shop, I am new to traditional art business, so there are lots of things I don't know. I am learning quickly.  

Out of sorts II (Sold)

Who's there (Sold)

I finished a sculpture for part 2 of my Clouds exhibition. I also finished a large whippet, which is going to a gallery in London.


She is a large one. 10 cm high, and 17 cm long

This is the clouds of this morning. How inspiring! They look alive. Or I dream I could hop on them and go to another place in another country.

From the garden



  1. I like the surreal quality of Out of Sorts Il.....she will bring joy to her new home!

    Happy weekend,

    1. Thank you, Ruby. She is the last one of small Out of sorts. To you, too! : )

  2. Bravo for your website ! I saw, you use flickr to keep your photos ? Me too :) Now, i'm following you on flickr.

    I still love your masks - Who's there is very nice, and this bird Out of Sorts II is great, really great.

    1. Thank you, Ilona. Masks find their owners who are similar to them, not appearance, but the energy etc.. Very intriguing. Thank you. I love my Out of sorts, too! : D