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Friday, 1 November 2013

People make me happy!

Hello everyone. I had a great day today. It was about time because Wednesday was difficult for me. As soon as I got stressed, I caught another cold. So I had mostly rested yesterday in warmth. I usually get mild SAD (seasonal affected disorder) during October and November. In order to avoid to getting depressed, I try to keep myself busy. This year I didn't have to try, as I have been very busy since early summer. But when difficulties pop up during autumn, I tend to feel a bit down even though I am naturally optimistic.

So when I found a tweet from a lovely lady @esmepink232 after lunch time on Wednesday, the air around me suddenly brightened!

'Look what was bought for me! Made by the wonderful, talented

I had no idea because her friend bought this rabbit for her. What could I want more?

I enjoy reading Esme's tweets; they are funny and zany! I also like her drawings of young women. I could relate to them.

Thank you so much Esme and her friend! You both cheered me up to no end!


Today I felt better mentally and physically. These two beautiful bronze-gold whippets are going to a lovely home. They look great together! Thank you so much!

Bronze-gold glaze

I packed them and posted them late afternoon with our loyal pooch, Topaz. After dinner, Mike and I have spent a couple of hours packing several rabbits and whippets in a box. That was quite difficult. Packing ceramics is never easy!

When I checked my email, I found this rabbit bowl was also sold! How wonderful! Thank you so much! After a couple of down days, I already feel so much better.

We have fired more porcelain bowls and a pair of coffee C/S with a little rabbit on the handles. Once blue sky returns, I will take photos of them to share! I can tell you that they are really sweet!


  1. They are lovely Midori. Nice to hear you brightening up. I can empathise fully as this time of year has seen me SAD too. Keeping busy helps...I tried sawing logs yesterday and it worked wonders as a mood lifter. I love the rabbit bowl and look forward to seeing your new pictures

    1. Thank you, Charlotte. It's difficult time for us. A little bit of nice things would give us boost. Sunshine would also help!
      : ) Keep busy and take care! : )

  2. What lovely things that you make! I am sorry that you have been down lately, as you spread so much happiness. This time of year is difficult too, saying goodbye to summer and seeing winter around the corner. take care, x

    1. Thank you, Minerva. I am naturally upbeat happy person (Mike tells me so!), yet struggle these two months. But, I am feeling much better. Lots of nice things happen when I look around, such as smiling in trains, beautiful clouds floating and lovely comments from lovely people on this blog, on twitter and on Etsy! : ) You all are so wonderful! Thank you!

  3. Hi Midori ! Your white rabbit is soooo lovely and now he's living with your friend :) What a wonderful story !
    I like very much a bowl with running rabbit too ^^

    Wish you a nice sunday evening and happy week.

    1. Hi Ilona. Thank you! It was a very nice surprise. : ) As you might have guessed, I like rabbits! : ) Thank you! To you, too! : )

  4. Hi Midori,
    You create such beauty , and give such pleasure , people definately appreciate you. I certainly do !
    Smiling that you had roses on the table for you to smell the other day :)
    Be well , my friend .

    1. Hi Willow. Thank you! How nice of you! The scent made me happy. : )