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Sunday, 21 December 2014

A boxfull of smiley boxes!

As I post ceramics, my first concern is safe delivery. All my work are in different shapes and sizes, I would need various shapes of boxes. If I buy a few of this and a few of another, it wouldn't be cost effective. As the boxes would be discarded after they were open, I decided to use clean recycled boxes as much as possible, when I opened my Etsy shop. Mike and his colleagues in the University collect all sorts of boxes for me, as they all are keen on recycling. But as my shop has become successful, I need more boxes. I'm always on hunt.

We are always on hunt for cookies! 
Yesterday morning, Mike and I went to town for Christmas shopping. We both had been under the weather last week. Nonetheless, Christmas is coming, and very soon!

First we went to Hotel chocolat to get some chocolates for family, friends and ourselves. There I found a shop keeper is stocking shelves. I saw the boxes she was holding. They looked perfect for my ceramics. So I politely asked if I could have empty boxes. She said, 'Of course!'. A male shopkeeper was also stocking in back office, and she told him about my request. She told me the boxes would be ready to be collected after I finish my shopping.

A boxfull of boxes! 

Mike saw me coming back, and he said 'We are supposed to be choosing chocolates.' I knew, but I can't let such good boxes to go to waste. I don't want to charge my lovely customers for packing if I don't have to.

Our chocolates! 
We continued shopping and Mike paid and I went back to the door of back room. There he brought me a boxful of small boxes! Wow! I thanked him and wished him lovely Christmas. He said 'Always. Have a good one!' He didn't know how happy I felt. I was carrying a box full of folded boxes on the High street. They were not heavy, but just cumbersome to carry around. We wanted to get a box of Ricciarelli from M&S. I told Mike that he should go to get it while I would wait with my boxes on a bench. He wondered if it would be too cold for me to wait. I told him 'I'm glowing with happiness. Don't worry!' Then I started removing sticky tapes from the folded boxes. While I was doing I felt a smile on each box! They are my happy customers!

When Mike came back with the sweet, we walked back to parking. These boxes were Christmas presents for me, although it might sound strange to you.

Thank you all staff of Hotel Chocolat! I wish you all lovely Christmas!

I also thank Ellen  on Twitter for sending us reflective tags for dogs and humans. Topaz looks very cute with a frog, as her coat is green. Pink butterfly for Pearl. Reindeer for Mike and I got an angel. :)  They work so well for our afternoon walks in dusk.

Frog is my guardian angel! 

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