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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Curious creatures.

How was your weekend? I had a good working one with a long walk to Sidney Cooper Gallery to see Tania Kovats exhibition yesterday, and today we went to see stand fixture on a-5hour-round trip. We had a lunch at four o'clock!

In the studio, unusual things are increasing lately. She is 24 cm high. She hasn't told me who she is yet. So I'm waiting for her story.

Then I have made these three masks.

She started like this. Masks show different expressions in different angles and different lights.

Work in progress

She finished like this.  She is the Rock Age. In Japan, there are active volcanos. I have visited one of them 2 years after eruption. Black larva was everywhere. There was no tree in sight. It was bleak and all black. I have also imagined about how the Earth used to look after it was born. First there must have been lots of rocks. No life. 

The Rock Age

The second one is the Mushroom Age. Primitive plants started growing.  More and more they started sustaining lives. A few birds came back to sparse trees in the area.  

The Mushroom Age

The third one is the Tree Age, full of life. Lots of birds and mammals among trees.  She is the goddess of life. She has two eyebrows just like Ancicnet Japanese aristcrats.  

The Tree Age


Saturday was Valentine's day.  Mike gave me white lilies and a box of champagne truffles. : ) He has never forgotten chocolates. He is a chocoholic, himself! :D

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