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Thursday, 21 May 2015


The bisque-firing went well. So once I have unloaded the kiln, I cleaned up all edges with sandpapers and started  preparing for glaze-firing. this is the part I don't enjoy too much! :D It is tedious and fiddly in the least!

Large tapirs became adult Malayn tapirs.

I made an espresso after a few hours of hard work. The spoon is by Eric Heblot, French artist. 

Even though my kiln is small, I make sure that those which need higher temperature go on a top shelf, and those which don't like high temperature go to a lower shelf. It is not very easy sometimes. Hence lower shelf is very crowded, and top shelf emptier! 

A dozen of tapirs hiding here.

Top shelf

Sunday morning, they came out of the kiln and had their first breakfast! :D

'Is this it?'
 Tiny teeny whippets have come beautifully!

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