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Monday, 20 July 2015

Latest bisque-firings

I hope you had a lovely weekend! We are having a nice summer this year for change! :D It's warm and sometimes hot! I love it.

The first bisque- firing 

I have done a quite a few firings lately. I would be very busy during the first half  of the next year. I will be out of the country for four weeks for an exhibition in Tokyo. Also my studio will be being built and there would be disruption, especially firings would be difficult for a while. We have got an application accepted by the city government for the extension, that would be my studio, but nothing has happened yet. I guess we wouldn't see anything happening until late this year! Cautious Mike delayed all process until Ceramic Art London even though I told him it would take months before even we could have the first sight of a digger! Oh well, cest la vie!

One back to back firing was done and I am doing the third one today. These two were in the second firing.



So far both firings went well. I hope today's one goes well, too! 





  1. The Antelope is my favourite here :)

    1. He is difficutl and tedious to glaze, so I haven't started yet. :D