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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Glazing, firings and Kiln shelfies!

Once we were in September, we got very busy! It's a harvesting time. The hazel tree had a bumper crop this year. We have spent a long time harvesting and processing nuts and crab apples. That's almost finished now, thankfully. The fingers are sore and shoulders ache. 

As I haven't updated the glazing process recently, here are photos of the glazing and firings of this month. 

The Pacific in the morning sun 

Storm is on a commission for a lovely lady.  

First glaze-firing.

Storm is almost touching the top of the kiln! 

And look! She came out beautifully! But she would need another firing. 

Here is a peek into bisque-firing. Notice the Ostrich. :)


Glazing starts on little ones. Pocket Friends pretend to be cupcakes! :D 

And I started the glaze-firing this morning. The kiln is full. Fingers crossed. Result tomorrow!


  1. She turned out gorgeous indeed! And she's really special… one of my favorites for sure!
    Looks like you've been making a lot! Even with the harvest and everything. Do you have many trees? Hope you'll get a bit of time to rest and recover from all that now though;)

    1. Thank you, Laura. I'm happy with how she came out yesterday. Photos later! : )
      In fact, I was frustrated with my slow progress. Ceramics takes long, though.
      We have only one tree, 10 years old. I love nuts, so I planted it, but not much harvest until this year due to squirrels! Thank you. My fingers finally got recovered. One good thing was that I lost weight; harvesting was physically challenging! :D