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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Six porcelain spoons

Since the last post, I had had pesky flu. It was not very bad, but all parts of the body including head ached. I groaned a bit when I used staircase because my leg muscles ached. We were planning to make a business trip last weekend; that had to be cancelled. The end was a bit of fever, and it was my birthday, the day after the terrorist attack in Paris.

The first thing I have made when I almost recovered were six porcelain spoons. I made three spoons about ten days prior to the flu. They were for a glaze test. But I liked them a lot, and audience on Twitter, FB and IG like them, too. I thought I would make more as rehabilitation.

As I made them, I felt very reassuring and warm. Very soothing. I had thought about the feeling. And I thought that spoons are the symbols of love, nurture and healing. I realised that they were my response to the terrible tragedy in Paris. When Charlie Hedbo was attacked earlier this year, I felt anger. But this time, I felt numb by the meaningless violence and the grave consequence.

I wish I could be Flash Gordon to save the world. But I know I can't. So I do what I can do. These two are the glaze test pieces. The longer one is called Mike and the shorter one is Jane.

They are perfect for tea leaves.  

I had never thought about spoons symbolically before. Suddenly they have got my full attention. Life is strange.