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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

My neighbours at CAL

I had another bout of fever, and finally got rid of it. So here is the last report about CAL 2016.

First, ladies and gentlemen, let me announce the winner of 2016 Fenella and Midori's who is funnier award! Fenella won by a big margin! She makes breath-takingly beautiful work. Her stand was at the entrance, we and all visitors, enjoy seeing her work through lighting. She is one of the funniest artists in the show, I imagine.  Her head is so full of ideas and fun!

Fenella Elms at her stand. 
Some artists look serious, and some are really serious, but lots of people are fun when we have a chat. I, usually change character as a show goes on. As my voice becomes hoarse, I become urban street urchin like. I should have been an actress!

Fenella, her daughter and her friends. 

There were 88 international artists in the show. As we spend 3 and a half days together we tend to chat with neighbours. My next neighbour was Isobel Egan from Ireland. Her installation was so beautiful. Oculus, in the photo was my favourite, and it has gone to a lovely home in London.

Margaret Curtis is a veteran of ceramic shows. She is so warm and kind. Her stand looked fabulous. Her large jars are so beautiful. She told us lots of funny stories, which we still remember and giggle.

Margaret Curtis

Sue Paraskeva had not only done demonstration, but also performance at CAL. She dropped a wood plank on her freshly thrown pots.

Sue Paraskeva

Tanya Gomez was colourful by her work and by her dresses. Arguably the brightest spot at CAL.

Tanya Gomez

Sue Pryke's work are urban modern simplicity. She was with her lovely daughter .

Barbara Hast comes from Germany. We didn't have a chance to get to know each other much as we are a bit far apart, but we greeted in the storage.  

Here are pics before CAL starts. The right bottom corner is beautiful Ipek Kotan's stand. She is from Turkey. She and I are having a chat at my stand. 

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