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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Preparation for Ceramic Art London

The first mask I have made was Cherry tree. In 2016 I made Apple tree, and I wanted to make another tree mask. It has to be a cherry tree. There are both cherry and apple trees in the garden. We seldom have a chance to taste cherries, however, as Wood pigeons eat them all before they become red. But we admire the beautiful blossoms.

This is more detailed mask than Apple tree and also larger.

Cherry tree

Red ridinghood
I have made quite a few Red ridinghood masks in the past. This is a new style. Firing could be a problem, but we will see.  

Girl with a red ribbon

Enchanted Forest

The largest tree mask so far. But I might make even larger one than this.  

I have made four birds. Here are the first two. 

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