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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Energy flows from lovely customers

Hello everyone. I have stayed home due to the second bout of cold. Mike felt also bad; he has worked from home this afternoon. We were warm and cosy in different rooms. 

I have had lovely feedback from several customers recently. The sweetest email came from an American lady, whose husband bought a couple of my ceramics as a gift for their anniversary. She said;

I have a little schnorkie (schnauzer x yorkshire terrier mix) and your rabbit completely reminds me of her, she has her spirit >^.^< I also wanted to tell you what a lovely experience it has been peeking into your world via your blog ^p^ Thank-you for infusing such spirit into your creations, keep up the absolutely stellar work!
Then her lovely husband left me a wonderful feedback:
 My wife loved this (part of our 4 year anniversary gift). It reminds her of our dog. She carries it around with her! lol Thank you so much.
I really appreciate their comments. I know that he is well loved and taken care of! They also show how nice the couple really are. Mike said before that someone who buys my ceramics are so friendly and wonderful. It's true. I am always grateful of the energy they give me back by emails, comments and feedback.

Little Schnorkie : )

Thank you so much!

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