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Monday, 3 June 2013

Porcelain cups and bowls

Hello everyone. Mondays are often posting days for me and Topaz, my loyal pooch. She knows when I am going and gets excited. It was a bright day, but the air was cold. I am still wearing a fleece jacket. Our small post office was crowded with people applying for passports. I was worried about Topaz waiting for me outside, but thankfully she was ok. A gentleman with a dog was entertaining her, when I came out.

In the morning, I sent Jane the studio technician detailed instructions for firing and handling the work I left in the studio yesterday. She is an experienced real pro, but unlike pots, my sculptural pieces require delicate handling. You have got to know where to hold before handling. As I wrote it to her, I felt I am like 'mother-in-law!' So I said 'I am certain that you are relieved that I am not your mother-in law.'  Her reply was 'Yes! : )'. So do I!

Two of my new style of porcelain have been recently sold. I would like to make more of them. I feel free and joy when I make them. I still have more porcelain bowl and cups of this style in my shop. If you haven't seen them, please check them out on my Etsy shop. The painted parts have an embossed effect. As usual, the real ones look better than the photos! ; )  (Every customer tells me so!)

Yunomi cup -Sold

Little bowl -Sold

It is so lovely to write the blog. It is my break from essay writing. Talk to you soon, everyone!




  1. Lovely yunomi and bowl. They must feel good held in one's hands.....

    1. Thank you, Charlene. I make sure they feel good in the hands. As we, Japanese, don't add handles on cups, as you knew. : )

  2. Doumo arigatou midori san! "little bowl" o kaimashita. totemo sugoi desu. midori san wa jyouzu desu ne!

    Mark yori

    1. Mark san, arigatou gozaimasihita. Ki ni itte itadaite uresii desu.: )