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Friday, 21 June 2013

Progress on big chicken, and a lovely walk at the end of the hectic day.

Hello everyone. It has been hectic recently. I start working about seven in the bed, and usually finish about a half past nine in the evening. Of course, I will take lunch and dinner breaks, and I walk dogs twice between them. Yesterday and today I went to studio for a couple of hours. I should slow down a bit. June is supposed to be a quiet month for my day work, but not this year. As the Wimbledon starts, lots of business people go to see it, so it might become a bit quiet. You can see them in corporate boxes in jackets. : )

In the studio, I was assembling my chicken. I had to carry the head on my lap in the car.
A chicken head on my lap! 
Kind James helped me to try different angles.

He has a long  slim arm!

This looks better, but will it be safe?
So, the final attachment will be tomorrow.

I rushed back home just after NYSE opened. Financial markets have been volatile this year. That keeps me busy!  I quickly walked the dogs, and went back to work.

The market closes at a half past four. I needed to relax. I decided to take Topaz for a long walk to meet Mike. I was in such hurry that I only noticed that my jumper was on back to front after I had walked about 100 meters.  Uh-oh. I thought the neckline was a bit tight today. (Hair needs combing, too!)

My back to front jumper
 On the way back, we noticed this.

Balancing logs
 Topaz was very happy. She was hopping and jumping in the long grass. She had a good walk!

'I feel as if I were a puppy again! '


  1. Oh Midori, ha ha. You must know when you start going so fast that you put your clothes on backwards and don't realize it ... it is time to slow down a bit. ;)
    I am glad Topaz was having fun , in her pretty red collar.

    1. I looked a bit silly! : D Topaz was like a gazelle, hopping in the tall grass. It is hard to believe she is nine.: )

  2. Hi Midori, it's quite a contrast to go from financial markets to the studio .. I guess clay work provides a good relaxation for the mind. Your sculpture looks very interesting..was it inspired by your pet chicken? :)

    1. Sorry, I have overlooked this. Yes, you are right. Doing different things is more relaxing than doing one thing for a whole day. I think I will quit ceramics when I retire from my day work. But I love day work, so I have no intention to retire. The best scenario is I will drop dead at the desk! : D Thank you. Yes, Pumpkin is a model. I get lots of inspiration from our animal family!

  3. I hope the new attachment works; I remember when I was going to college I worked many long hours like you are doing now and often forgot about everything else except the clay, ha. take some time off and relax and don't work too hard.

    1. Sorry, I have overlooked this one, too. Thank you for your advice. I am making effort to slow down right now. : ) Yes, the head securely attached to the body. : ) Now I am making a real one with white clay.