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Friday, 10 January 2014

Dealers' vaults exhibition at Mascalls gallery

Hello everyone. How was your week? I had a busy one. Glaze-firing (it went well!), and lots of desk work, but today was a bit different. Mike took the afternoon off, and we delivered my work to the Mascalls gallery. They have a beautiful white corner for emerging artists. My work fits there so nicely!

A new exhibition, Dealers' vaults, 20th century sculpture, will start tomorrow on the 11th January. It sounds so intriguing, doesn't it? The exhibition is going to show 14 pieces of sculpture rarely seen by public. We had privileged preview of PV this afternoon. They look fantastic. If you love modern sculpture, this is a must!

The team at the Mascalls gallery is so friendly and very nice and we had enjoyed being there. Disappointingly the photos Mike took there are not good, so I can't show you here, but can I tempt you with the invitation card I was given?

Invitation card from Mascalls gallery
How clever! Now I have exquisite desktop Lynn Chadwick in my studio! If you come to west Kent, do visit a little gem, Mascalls gallery in Paddock Wood. You won't be disappointed.

Mascalls gallery's website


  1. I think this is the first time I saw the finished piece of the chicken ~ it looks fantastic Midori !
    The wood it rests on compliments it well.
    I hope you and Mike have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thank you, Willow. There are two large ones, too. About 2 feet high. : ) Thank you! Have a great fun with snow!