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Friday, 17 January 2014

See my work at Mascalls gallery!

Hello everyone. I hope you are well and perky. Mike and I have come down with yet another virus this week. I have just started feeling better, and Mike was working from home today. I hope we would be a bit healthier this year. Perhaps, we need to do some exercise. We both walk, but that's all we do in terms of exercise.

Last Sunday Mike painted a tin of nasty substance on the seams between flat roof and the house wall. It seems to have worked so far... Nonetheless, the ceilings where the water leaked became mouldy, this despite we had a fan heater on for two days. It is a sad sight.

Today, I will share more images of my work currently available at Mascalls gallery. My work will be on dispay until the 22nd February. If you are near Paddock wood which is near to Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, please do come along! Of course, there is a fantastic exhibition of the 20th century British sculpture in the gallery.

It is rare for me to make male masks. When I make them they somehow become androgynous. He is a poet. I imagined he is a poet of Ancient Greece, Druid or African tribe. It really doesn't matter where he is from. A poet is a poet wherever he is.

 I love his hair and have experimented more on this style. Here is the detail.

Poet - detail

This is Art theory discussion. I have made three masks with this theme. They look all different. Each has a different personality. I make everything by hand, and don't use moulds, so each mask has different size and shape.

Art theory discussion
Conflict- children in Syria. I was upset about the civil war in Syria, from the beginning, but when chemical weapon was used, I had to make this mask. Any wars are bad enough, but civil wars tear the communities in the country apart, and make very deep scars.

Conflict - Children in Syria
This rabbit mask is a friend to another mask that was sold to a private collector. He has beautiful cracks on the surface. I am fond of him.  

This 2' (54 cm) high sculpture stands in the middle of the display. She was made and fired as one piece. I have fired her about six times to get desired colours and depth. I will fire my work several times until I am happy with the colours.

Out of sorts - blues

He is about 1' (30cm) high. I love how he looks. My scary dog, Topaz, is the model. 
Waiting for the next bang I
Last, there are these three little owls. They are a bit surprised! 


Please see the details in 'Events' section in my website


  1. Hello Midori,
    I am so sorry to hear you have yet another virus , something must be a bit amiss somewhere. Have their been a lot of viruses in your area ? Mold does not sound good at all and definitely weakens the immune system. Before we moved to our farm , we rented a home that we found had mold and I was always sick there :( I do hope you and Mike feel better soon.
    Your work is as amazing as ever , apparently illness does not dampen your creativity !
    Do rest though and take good care of yourself.
    Wishing you well,

    1. Hi Willow. That's what I think. We have healthy eating and moderate drinking, walk regularly, sleep ok and take multi-vitamin pills. We have been to a crowded PV last Friday and then shops last Sunday. So I guess one of them was the cause. I hope we will be back to full health by Monday.

      Thank you for your concern on mould. We are going to buy a dehumidifier to dry the ceilings. The flat roof is over the entrance and a guest wc. So our living space is safe.

      Thank you so much for you kind words. : ) Yes, I am taking it easy this weekend. : )

  2. " has there been " oh my grammar and spell check lol

  3. The masks are show stopping and love the glaze work. The textures are wonderful. The cracks are especially beautiful.
    So sorry to hear you have another virus. I'm with Willow that the mold doesn't sound good and can cause some health issues. I do hope you both feel better soon....

    1. Thank you so much, Charlene. I love cracks! :D Thank you.
      The mould is in the entrance and a guest wc where the flat roof is above, so we are safe : ) But it looks terrible and needs repair. :( The ceiling has never been dry since the storms as it was saturated. We decided to buy a dehumidifier. We are getting better, and I hope we will be back to chirpy selves by Monday! : )

  4. "Out of sorts - blues" was fired for a six times !! Amazing... Once, I fired one of my vases four times, and it was surprising for me, but six times ! You have a lot of patience.
    I agree with Charlene, cracks on the masks are very beautiful, love them very much (masks and cracks on them :))

    Sorry for your virus, I wish a good health to both of you. Have a nice weekend.

    1. I am the kind of person who never gives up. :D I was glad that the Blues has stayed as one piece! :D I tend to re-fire a lot when I use Barium blue glaze because it is a harsh colour to start with, but it will mellow as it get re-fired.
      Thank you so much, Ilona. I do love cracks, myself. We, Japanese, appreciate cracks on pots, so I wonder if my love might come from that. : )
      Thank you. We are getting better. We will be jumping soon! I hope you are having great weekend! : )

  5. your masks are brilliant but I do love your owls. Maybe your house needs some Aussie hot days :) we could do with a little of your rain though..

    1. Thank you Anna. Owls are darn cute! :D I wish we could swap a bit of weather between AZ and UK! : ) Keep cool!