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Friday, 11 July 2014

Amazing patisserie - Julien Plumart

When Mike reaslied that we were going to Brighton, he did google search for the best possible patisserie in Brighton. He found three, and we went to Julien Plumart Boutique. It was the best I have had in England. Light, delicious and beautiful. What else do we want?

It was about lunch time, but we went for Afternoon tea sets.

Mike is a man of chocolate. He went for seriously dark one. Macaroon was lime lemon. His tea was lemon grass. He said chocolate and lemon grass went very well.

I am more of fruity girl. Strawberry tart, lychee raspberry macaroon and pistachio ice cream were on my plate. My tea was English breakfast. 

Afterward we went to the Royal Pavilion. I though it was the Disneyland at that time. Then we went back to Julien Plumart, and bought two cakes to take home. Ah, the joy of being grown-ups!

A lemon tart for Madame, 

   And Miss franboise for Monsieur.

Yes, we did visit the Royal Pavilion.

And a seagull waiting at the backdoor of Sushi restaurant.

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