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Sunday, 13 July 2014

I had a good productive week.

This month so far I have made lots of things. When I say lots, I mean it. I have loaded the kiln for bisque firing.
Lower shelf

Top shelf
It was a busy but good week for me. Shy and quiet Forest boy I sent to LA on the Friday before, arrived there on Wednesday! That was quick! He went to the loving home of an artist.

Forest Boy - Sold

Emily is also in her loving home now.

Emily  - sold

Thursday evening we went to  PV at the Sidney Cooper gallery, to see the exhibition of old South east seaside photos. We had a good chat with Marianne and Chris who had visited Japan a few month ago.

Having tired from the night before, we went out for dinner on Friday. I had once a month steak-moment. We both got cheerful. :D

Yesterday morning, Mike finally made scones for us, using a recipe by Mary Berry. If you remember, I bought this special jam to try with scones. Even though I asked Mike to get a small tub of double cream, he bought the large one because he said they didn't sell small ones. So we had cream tea for lunch. Ow, it was delicious. Jam was lovely, but I must say I couldn't taste any champagne. And I have just noticed the label saying aristocratic fruit!I Is it from aristocratic soil?


Our dogs had a good walk yesterday. We went to see flowers on the meadow patches on campus.

Pearl found something, and she was very keen.

What's that? 
Topaz found something, too. And she rolled on that! 

Oh, something smells good!
As soon as we came home, we shampooed Topaz in the garden, and Pearl in the shower. Now both smell cheap chemical! :D

As Pumpkin the chicken looked at them whilst dust bathing herself, she thought dogs deserve shampoo and cheap chemical smell!   

Pumpkin the great chicken
   I hope you had a good weekend!


  1. You must have a steady hand to put all that work in the kiln without any of it breaking.

    1. It's a challenge! I just do very slowly. :D