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Friday, 30 January 2015

Miss Wren and little animals

The firing went well. All test pieces came out satisfactory. How nice! Because of the weather, I have not been able to take photos of all, but I managed to do some.

Miss wren.
Miss wren loves her hat. It is royal blue with a yellow wren on top. She saw it in Madame Oiseau's window, and she had to buy it at once. It is the best hat in town.

Now in my shop
 Goofy rabbits.


Popular 'Girls in print dresses' are back.

Strawberry, Flora and Carrot
 This time there are lambs and goats, two each.

Bubble, Mary (sold), Momo  and Flora. 

I will share more next time! Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Hello Midori-San :-)
    Miss Wren is Really Pretty, And i Dare your Little Rabbits's Productions (They are so Cutes!! <3)
    Friendly Yours,

    1. Hello! Thank you. I like her, too! Rabbits are increasing rapidly! :D

  2. So nice. I am in love with your work. So happy to have discovered your world.

    1. Oww, thank you so much! How nice of you! : )