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Saturday, 10 January 2015

The freedom of speech

This week has witnessed a sad event in the human history. Violence tried to silence the freedom of speech. But it failed again. We take the freedom of speech for granted, but so many people have lost their lives to fight for it. And as we saw they still do. It is the core of democracy. We must keep it. 

My contribution is this mask, Art theory discussion, 2013.

Art theory discussion, 2013


  1. This one haunts me. Your response is perfect.

    Here in our neck of the woods jury selection has begun for the trial of the Boston Marathon bomber. (I refuse to dignify him by using his name.)

    I simply do not understand what they hope to gain!

    1. I think they want us to be afraid. They want us to be silent out of fear. It was moving to see so many people in the march, Paris.