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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Ceramic Art London 17-19 April, The Royal College of Art

I will be in Ceramic Art London, 17-19th April, at the Royal College of Art, London. My stand is no.4. I will showcase my works: beautiful, terrifying, sweet, ugly, beastly and poignant. Do come along!

Today's shelfie! The Bronze-gold glaze is back! Mike made it for me just before an England friendly football match last week. He somehow helps me a lot just before watching England matches on TV! I have tested it since then, and it came out beautifully. Here is the lower shelf.

Bronze-gold glazed whippets and birds
And the top shelf. I finished glazing the Bird Life a long time ago, but she is so large that I was not able to fit her in for firing. There are lots of birds on her.

What is this? New blind? Nope! We did a mock-up for the CAL stand today. The stand has 250cm high panels. Our ceilings are only 240cm high. So we decided to do it in the garden.  

Preparation is going well, and I have only a couple of firings to do if today's ones come out well. Fingers crossed!



  1. congratulations on being part of such a prestigious show.. love the test of your shelving :) hope it all goes very well..

    1. Thank you, Anna. Still packing, and making lists! :D