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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Working as if there were no tomorrow!

Happy Easter, everyone! Midori Takaki HQ has been unaffected by Easter! We have been working as if there were no tomorrow! I am not a morning person, but I start glazing before nine. That's tough. I work after eight in the evening. I feel so exhausted I collapse in bed before nine. That has been our Easter. Mike has been making display boards, making glazes for me and doing all other things that have to be done.

A week ago, the big head was bisque-fired. It was really tight.

 Then, back to back bisque-firing started.

Lower shelf

Top shelf
 In the meantime, I have made more. Here is Forest Girl-Spring.

Forest Girl

 Then another back to back bisque-firing. This time a Wolf. His nose is in the morning sunshine!

While the wolf was being cooked, I had to clean the studio tables to glaze all bisques. I'm having a bit of shortage of space here. The guest WC is already filled with my greenware!

Next day is back to back glaze-firing! 

Lower shelf

Top shelf

Today, the big head was glaze-fired. Tomorrow another back to back-firing with bisques. These will continue for a week or so!  Madness here! 

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