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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A salamander cup for a special lady.

I finally came down with cold. It was not unexpected. I have been hectic lately. Fortunately it is not too bad. I should be running around with our dogs soon!

I share the salamander cup here today.

I designed and made this porcelain tea cup for a special lady who has connection with the ironmongers guild. She told me that salamanders are in the crest of the guild and it is tradition to commission and wear a salamander, usually in gold. But she added, ' why not in ceramics'. I made four fire salamander brooches, and this cup for her.

If you remember, the first glaze-firing was a struggle, and it didn't reach the temperature. The second one made it. The glaze fluxed nicely. I love it.  

Although I am sculptor by trade, I do love making functional pots. You might see more of these in 2016.

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