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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Explosion of packing and posting! part 2

Here are some of works sold lately. All were packed very well, and so far there is no accident. Touch wood!  

Japanese girl

Answer was in the box
Lots of birds have gone, too. Little birds are always popular. 

Long tailed tit
Bronze-glaze wren

Little bird
Sleepy Owl has flown to a lovely lady , USA 

Song thrush
Crow on a mount - sold

Flora the cherub found a loving home

Anteater has also found a super home.

These whippets were never seen in public, as they have gone as soon as they came out of the kiln!

Little ones were swiftly adopted. 

The last bronze-gold glazed whippet has gone. 

While I was wrapping the bronze whippet, this beauty has also gone!

Polar bears are also popular. 

The second set of mum and cub has gone to a loving home. 

All babies have gone very quickly. 

And the last but not the least. I do make functional ceramics on request.  

The chameleon brooch and sample tapir spoon as well as a baby tapir has gone to a lovely lady.  

Chameleon  brooch

Tapir spoon

Face cup, on commission. 

Face cup - front

Face cup - back

And this celadon bowl has gone to a gentleman.

Have a great week, everyone! 


  1. What lovely work you send out into the world!
    I liked your earlier photos of how you pack your work for shipping. It's time consuming, but effective.
    Toes crossed that you get at least a few hours to relax.

    1. Thank you, Suzi. At the beginning, I used to say myself, 'Why didn't I choose paper or textile as medium? They would be much easier to ship.' :D
      I sleep a lot. And as soon as I wake up, I take a rest! All my rest are front loaded! :D