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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Blossom in the wind, Girl with red shoes and Black swan

Since I came back from Tokyo, I have worked solid on commissions. This year waiting time has been between five and six months. Now I have the last large piece to glaze. All others have gone to their loving homes. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. I feel so lucky to have wonderful clients.

Blossom in the wind - commission
My original Blossom in the wind was shown and sold at Ceramic Art London last spring. There were a few people who were interested, and this is the first piece to be commissioned. There are more blossoms all over. This reminds me of Japanese cherry blossoms in strong wind.

Blossom in the wind - details

A girl with red shoes - sold

Black swan and girl with red shoes -sold

On the flight back from Tokyo, I saw Black swan. The story was about a ballerina who put everything to be a true artist. I had empathy with the heroine and her family. The sacrifice they have made resonates with me and my family. I wanted to make a work inspired by it. Probably this is not the last one. Both went to a wonderful lady.