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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Freedom of speech - commission 3

The client visited CAL. After discussion a smaller version of Freedom of Speech was commissioned.  
Freedom of speech

The client requested a black wood base mask stand. This type of masks would look great on black stands. 

Here is the large Freedom of speech at CAL. 

I am careful when I scale up/down the work in size. I make sure that the essence of work will not be diluted in the new work. 

As it has more depth than my female masks, profile is important. 

After the client was happy with it, it was bisque-fired up to 950C. Then, colours were added. 

Then it went to glaze-firing up to 1240C.

I use crank clay for this type of masks. Materials often inspire me. Other two masks were born with the commissioned mask.

Now the mask lives in the house with stylish intetior, London. Thank you so much.

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