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Friday, 21 July 2017

Confirmation mask for a young lady - commission 4

She is my second confirmation mask to create. It was commissioned by the family friend for a teenage girl in Norway. My first confirmation mask was for a gentleman. I made his mask from his life story, so far. This time my focus is current and future. I made the mask for her to look back when she reaches her important points in her life. And I hope she would show it to next generation.

After discussion, the client sent me several photos. I also checked the place on Google. From there I imagine what kind of life she has. I also check the types of trees and plants growing there.

This time, I made a face slightly similar to the girl. 

Until the mask is finished, I needed to concentrate. I also have to work quickly. All parts are thin and small, so they dry quickly. Drying was difficult when the thickness of clay varies so much.  I usually dry masks very slowly in a cool storage room. 

The first bisque firing. As it was a secret gift. I made sure that it was not on the images I shared on social network. 

Bisque firing was done. There was subsidence around the building. After sanding, she went to another bisque-firing. Buildings are not easy to add as the surface of the mask is curve, but the bottom of the building is not.

The second bisque firing. 

Colours were added. She is ready for glaze-firing. Her expression changes in different lights. 

Glaze-firing went successfully. 

Now the last process. I added porcelain paint. After firing she was completed. 

It took me four months to complete her. I had to stop working on her for a month while I had prepared for CAL. The client was often somewhere exotic, but despite that, we had good communication over emails.

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