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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

New pots from the kiln

This is one of the best from the last firing of the year. Cream glaze broke to pink.It is the size of an ordinary mug.

Large Creamer
Large creamer
The handle of a large creamer

And this one is a bit shorter. Both had same glaze and in the same firing, but colours vary. This has paler cream color, and oribe the green glaze became matt. The mystery of pottery. 

Medium creamer

Medium creamer

This saucer is for our friend who bought a coffee cup at Open House. I hope she likes it.

Saucer for a friend


  1. Beautiful mugs ... I love those handles, and that green is just glorious :-)

  2. Magpies Laundry,
    Thank you. The green glaze became just right this time. I am very pleased with it. : )