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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New cups from kiln - our collaboration

The face cup that I decorated for Mike's cup came up. Umm, iron oxide was too thin. The underglaze, the red and blue, was also burnt out a bit, and lost details. I should have painted much thicker. Next time, I will make one with white earthenware, so colours will not get burnt. I painted cobalt oxide at the handle.
Here is the Mike's cup with my handle from the same firing. This is our new batch of cream glaze, which I thought it was too watery before using. Usually this cream makes warmer hue than this. But, Mike is happy with this cool beauty.

It is an elegant cup. It would be a great pleasure to use. We have made more cups with these glaze combination. I hope they also come up beautifully.


  1. I do love that combination of cream and the dark green. Beautiful!