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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Turning and handle making

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Today we started a bit late, and have spent the most of the day turning the pots we threw yesterday, making handles and attaching them to the pots.
Grey ones are white stoneware and brown ones are porcelain white stoneware

I had only two, and I distorted one of them at the beginning of turning, so all I turned was one mug. I did quite quickly. Mike had five to do. So I made handles and attached them to his pots. It went smoothly for white stoneware clay, but porcelain white stoneware clay was difficult to handle (not pun intended!). It becomes either too soft or too dry. But I finally managed to make nice handles.

Our 'studio' is our dinning area, so I had to clean and wash everything very well afterwards, although our dining set was moved to the lounge during our 'studio' season. Cleaning took me about an hour or so. It became already dark.

There was not much time for anything else. Oh, we both enjoy watching tennis, but we both don't like Djokovic. I am a fan of Nadal, but hate to see him losing. So after watching a bit, we decided not to watch the Australian men's final, which is unusual for us. As you probably know, Rafa was beaten in five sets. Poor Rafa.

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