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Friday, 27 January 2012

Spring flowers and Haruki Murakami

Now I am reading Haruki Murakami's Wind-up bird chronicle, in English. I wanted to read 1Q84 in Japanese. I have checked on Kindle before Christmas. But, alas, the one I can buy at Amazon UK has no application for Japanese language. Shame. Then I found Wind-up bird chronicle in the library last Sunday, so I took it out.

Unexpectedly, I had no problem with translated version. Perhaps, the translator is really good, or Murakami's style goes fine with English rhythm, or both. After dinner, I settle in a sofa, and read until either Mike or Pearl comes to ask me 'Are you going up, yet?' To Mike, I say,'Just until the end of chapter', and I kept reading another two chapters or so. I just couldn't stop. But when Pearl came, touched my hand with her wet cold nose, and stared at me with those doe eyes two nights ago, 'Just a minute' I said, and finished the chapter quickly, and up we went. There is something about dog's silent demand.
Cyclamen coum-I love hardy cyclamens.

A bee on honeysuckle bush. Lovely scent!
It is marvellous day today. A bit chilly, but very sunny. The presence of early spring is in our garden, even though we are supposed to have a cold snap this weekend. I can see them! Even bell flowers opened in the tiny cracks of stones.
Bell flowers in January!

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