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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Church fête

Hello everyone. We have had an action packed day today.

Mike saw some bunting in our local church on the way to supermarket this morning. So we decided to have a peek. First, I wondered if this was a part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

St. Dunstan Church fête

 Then we realised that it was the church fête.

Our local church
Can you spot an animal in the bush?
All over the church yard, there were cute knitted decorations. Mike and I were excited to find hidden animals in the trees and bushes.

Our favourite is this!

'Look for the snakes!'

This gate leads to church centre. Look at those puppets! They made us smile a lot!

A gate to church yard
A close up on the gate

 Colourful animals were hung over the gravestones. They looked cheerful!

Colourful creations
While I was taking photos, Mike held leads for Topaz and Pearl. They were truly bored. But we gave them a treat this afternoon. We took them to the Blean woods. Topaz' favourite haunt. I will write about it tomorrow.

Woods? Really?!

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