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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The last sheep from this bag of clay

Hello everyone. Today is the first normal day after four days of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee holiday in UK. I guess we have still felt somewhat tipsy with the celebration. During the holiday, Mike and I went to one street party in the neighbourhood and another lovely tea party. Despite the weather, (we had a really miserable cold and wet days) our spirits were high to celebrate the Queen's 60 year's reign. It was really nice.

Today, I went back to work. Yes, I am in the middle of my one-month break, but the market moved a lot today, and my holdings needed my attention. I don't mind working like this. Somehow I can concentrate even better when I return to work during my break.

I returned one of the lambs I made about one week ago to clay. I just didn't feel right or special about him. It was the last crank clay I had, so I wanted to make something I am really satisfied with.

This evening, I made a sheep. When I made the head, I realised that the clay left wouldn't be enough to make a four legged sheep. After a bit of trial and error, this is what I made this evening.
He looks cute from front.
He looks cute from front. I made several lambs and this one doesn't look too dissimilar to others I had made.
A bit funny from this angle.
When you saw him from this angle, you might start wonder ??? Does he look a bit strange?

I started giggling when I saw him from side!
Yes, he is a bit strange! lol I just keep giggling whilst assembling his head to the body. He looks like a tired elderly man! I like him! He has got such a strong character. I like the models which start moving and talking in my head when I finish making them. Then they leave my control, and become their own masters. This is the reason why I keep making my creatures.  


  1. あーかわいい!!!

    1. 今朝、太陽電力で素焼きしました。途中から曇りましたけどね。。。イギリスなので仕方ないですね。笑 陶芸、楽しんでいます?