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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Sunfish and chameleon chopstick rests on the making

Hello, everyone. Jubilee weekend finished. French Open finals are on (We watch), and European championship has started (Mike watches England matches). There have been lots of events recently.

We have managed to fire another bisque this morning. Mike was supposed to throw some saucers and bowls to fill the top shelf, but allergy on his hands hadn't improved enough to throw, so suddenly I had to make something. Something which would need short time to dry. Ah-ha! Chopstick rests! Friday evening, I made several small sprigs, and we cast them in plaster. We have seen others doing this in ceramic classes, but this was our first. We had to check on Internet for details, but we managed to. Ta-da!

What are they?

Chameleon and Sunfish

I thought they look almost good enough to eat! Mike kept saying that they look so sweet!

My chopstick rests design

I had thought once the mould is made, it would be very easy. But it wasn't as easy as I imagined. It took me a bit of practice to improve my technique. in fact, I had spent about 8 hours making these little sprigs, including drying time. By 10 o'clock in the evening, I had produced enough to fill the kiln shelf.

Our Friday lunch - Mike found asparagus were a half price at local farm shop. So here is the picture of yet another asparagus lunch. And happily yes, I kept losing weight, too. My target is the weight when I was 24. Another 800 grams to go!
Asparagus, avocado Parma ham and lettuce salad

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