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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sheep with wings and Diamond Jubilee Pageant

Hi everyone. We are in the middle of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in UK. Today there was the Thames pageant. It has been cold, windy and rainy (it has been as cold as I am wearing a cashmere jumper! I'm glad I forgot to take it to a dry cleaning), but it was spectacular. I was a student of Sociology and Social anthropology, so the meaning of pageants was one of the subjects I studied. But I usually well my eyes when I watch them; I am moved by the occasions. And, there are plenty of them here in UK.

Today's most emotional point for me was when I saw the Tower Bridge was drawn to salute to the Queen. I just thought about the history of the monarchy in this country. At one time, the kings and queen were executed. Thinking about it, my emotion poured for the successful reconciliation between the monarchy and the democracy in the UK. I especially admire the effort made by the monarchy because I am aware that it is the longest and often tough calling. The British are really lucky to have Queen Elithabeth II as the head of the state. I also witnessed today that they knew it.


Additional photos of the party taken on the fourth of June. 
Mike's Italian cup cakes for the party

Tea is served here.

Cold day!

Grey sky, typical!


I made a sheep with wings some days ago, and placed him in a plastic bag to dry slowly to avoid any cracks to be appeared. Then, I forgot about it until today.

With a small wings like cherubs.
Once I created a sheep with wings for my friend, Etsuko. But somebody broke it after bisque firing. So, this is my second try. This one is different from the first one because I had to make a different design due to the joint of the wings were the weak point for the first one. I hope this will survive to the end!
My first attempt.

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