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Monday, 17 September 2012

Mugs with rabbit handles

Hello everyone. I hope you had a good Monday! : )  Mike and I have done lots of clay works lately. We are going to bisque firing this Wednesday, and it would be our last bisque firing of the year with our kiln. We aim to use solar power to fire the kiln. As we live in England, we can't expect sunny days too often from now on. Of course, we will glaze fire after that. That would be the last firing of the year at home.

Last Saturday I had spent about 12 hours making chameleons, one big one and two little ones, on two commissions. As you might remember, my last firing for the little ones didn't go well, so I altered design and made sure that glaze can't pool in the middle of the pieces. They are so intricate, detailed and fragile. One of the three was broken as soon as I finished it. That would have been my insurance.

The deadline for the large one is November. I have also failed on this one once. There is no way I could repair him because sadly one of the legs fell and got smashed! Then a crack appeared between the body and tail during glaze firing. So he is going to be our table mascot. I imagine he would be a good conversation piece!

On Sunday, I put on an apron and cleaned kitchen, cooked meals and did tidy up most of the day. Mike aptly called me 'a part-time domestic goddess'! Hahaha, I like that. When Mike came to the kitchen, I was making disc shaped croquette. I said to him I could make whippet shaped ones, if he wanted. He didn't request it.

Mike made a couple of mugs on a potter's wheel, and I also made a mug and a jug. So this afternoon, I turned their bottoms and attached handles. Mike also did same after work. They are going to be decorated with my Japanese styled rabbits.

I also have made different rabbit mugs last month. (You could tell by now how much I like rabbits.) As usual, My mugs are not gigantic ones, but they will hold about 300 ml, which is 1 1/4 cups. They are kind to ladies'  smaller hands, as they are lightweight. You can make your cuppa a bit more special with these rabbit mugs!

Rabbit mug 1

Rabbit mug 2

Finally here are my croquette. I shaped them as discs for shallow frying. Because I don't cook often, whenever I do, Mike appreciates my effort so much! Here is the secret of successful marriage for you. : )

Pumpkin's egg had rich yellow yoke, so they became yellow too.

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