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Monday, 3 September 2012

Mimi, the consultant and who is in a bunny suit?

Hello everyone. We had a summer day here in Canterbury. During my quick dog walks, those neighbours pottering around kept telling me how warm it is today. Lovely! Another half-sleeve day before autumn. This morning, I had been busy packing and shipping our ceramics. I had the first Japanese customer living in UK. How wonderful! I haven't used polite Japanese expression for a long time, so I might have sounded a bit too square. Do you know Japanese language has very complicated polite expressions, like a maze. There were four methods to express politeness. They say this is the most difficult thing for the students of Japanese language to master. I am not surprised.

Recently, I started making my own thank you cards. They go with my ceramics in the packages. I found making cards so enjoyable that I started designing a different one for each ceramics! I have already made six. It's a bit like a hobby. I told this and sent a photo of one of the first designs to my old trusty friend, Mimi. She suggested that I should develop them to products and offer them at my Etsy shop, and she thinks they would sell well! Wow, I felt every single artist needs a friend like Mimi. I filed her suggestion into my 'Be creative!' file. Just like everything I make, the problem I face is that they are handmade and can't make in numbers. But I will definitely consider her ideas. She was a full of confidence. I finally found my business consultant!

Rabbit in a bunny suit

One of my 'Rabbit in a bunny suit' was sold this weekend, so I replaced it with 'Baby in a bunny suit' on my Etsy. This is my sweetest and roundest one I have ever made. I don't know what possessed me, but it might be the effect of the full moon!

A Baby in a bunny suit on Etsy


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