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Friday, 21 September 2012

The Faun and a shield bug

Hello everyone. Radiators came on, I put on a cashmere jumper and alpaca socks in the morning, Pearl, the whippet, recovered her lost appetite (she needs fattening for winter) , and I am searching for her pyjamas on ebay. Autumn is here. Last two days, I have decorated and glazed bisque in the garage, our glazing room. Yesterday I had spent six hours there and finished at 9 at night. Today was much better, I have been there for 5 hours, till seven in the evening. I wore four layers for top, and three layers for bottom, It is cold working in the garage. I think this is our last firing this year. As you already knew, we try to power the kiln by solar energy. There will be still odd sunny days in autumn, but we can't plan ahead. Planning is everything in firing. I will use the kilns in the art school, where I take a course, from now on. Their glazing room is warm and bright. It would be huge improvement from our cold dark garage.

One of recent customers on eBay, kindly sent me a private message after he received my sculpture. He said '....the real one looks much better than in the photos. ....' I was of course delighted to read it. But I was also reminded of my poor skill of photography. I haven't improved yet. I can only use several out of about 100. Mike used to count photography as one of his hobbies when we met. But I can't rely on him. His images are very very crisp, but from wrong angles!  None of the subjects are looking into the lens!  So there are several of my sculpture I have never shown or put for sale, only because I can't take good photos of them. One of them is this faun.
This is taken a couple of weeks ago. It is probably the best one I have taken. He had a rough start to his life. His glazing didn't go well; he became almost charcoal black! I wanted him to be the subtle and delicate glaze like Kinkajou. So I glazed him again and refired him. Although the colour and texture is not what I aimed at, I am happy with how he looks now. I call him Perin, named after one of our friends. (Oh, Perin is much more handsome, : )  but the faun has boyish twinkle in his eyes, just like our friend.)

Today, I heard a ping when I was coming into the house from the garden. I looked around, and found this. 
Tiny feet support a large body

Huh? What is it? I went out again to see who it was. It's a shield bug! It has beautiful lime green!  I was amused by it. Did you know that it has lots of tiny dots on the surface? I didn't notice until I enlarged the photo. He was already gone next time I came to the door.

'Your dirty window is easy to cling to. '



  1. ファウヌスって初めて知りました。

  2. ウィペットはプニョプニョ(笑)って大体の形を作っておいて、彫刻します。楽しいですよ。美大のstudioで、大きなのを作るつもりです。今日学生登録してきました。いよいよです。嬉しい!