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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Autumn walk

Hello everyone. Mike and I went to our favorite restaurant Michael Caines at ABode for my birthday dinner this evening. They have a very nice atmosphere and very good service. It is so nice to be welcomed back. The main course was an ordinary amount, but my desert, panna cotta was so much. I loved it so I ate it all. I feel as if my seams are bursting. There were double layers; panna cotta on raspberry mousse. I think I had an enough dose of double cream for the rest of the year.  

Here are more photos of yesterday's walk. These are refreshing and good for digestion. : )
Silver birch

 Mike has also taken photos this afternoon. He found a beautiful Japanese acer on campus.

Japanese acer
In the meantime, I was decorating the monkey with underglaze. I am going to dip him into a slip-glaze and a glaze, so I covered the decorated part. I hope it works!

Protection; ' Awww, I can't breathe!' 

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