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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Chicken heads found their bodies.

Hello everyone. I had a nice relaxing day today. I made some progress on my 'Out of sorts' chickens series, and made test tiles. Here are the pictures of them.
'Out of sorts II'
The small head found a conventional body. The larger one found a totem pole body! She even has a wing!

'Out of sorts III'
Now I have several bisque to decorate. Tomorrow I will start making a detailed plan for it. 

I have looked after neighbours' little hamster called Chop-Chop this weekend. She is caramel and white coloured. She looks like a chubby rectangular bag with short feet sticking out from the four corners of the bag. She came out when I went to feed her. I talked to her gently, and she seemed to listen to me. I told her that I won't see you for a while this afternoon. The neighbours came back this evening, and we were given a box of chocolates.  

If you wonder what the ghost-like beige shadows are ( the left side of the box in the picture above, and above the box on the picture below). It's Pearl. She must have been given chocolates before she came to us.  Anytime she catches the scent of chocolates, she follows like a shadow!  

Of course, we didn't give her any. She whined until Mike put her pyjamas on. Then she walked back to her bed like a toddler with a big nappy on. We couldn't help laughing!

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