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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Another dream and Udon, my favourite Japanese noodles

Hello everyone. Two nights ago, I had a vivid dream. The studio was all empty. There was no tables, desks, shelves, throwing machines or any clutters, which are always there. Whole floor was washed clean sparkling. There were three or four children, aged 5-7 were sitting on the floor and playing very quietly. The studio technician, Jane, was standing with a mop or some kind of a stick in her hand. When I woke up I felt some kind of strong feeling that I should go to the studio.

Yesterday I did my first outing since I got unwell. We went to a pet shop to get Pearl's food, and popped in to the studio to leave some of my work to be fired. When I opened the door to the studio building, the room in front of the door, metal workroom, was empty and all white. It was painted for the graduation show. When I went to the ceramic studio, three girls were working busily in silence.

Imagine my surprise! I am still wondering if I have become psychic. I have been interested in shamanism, sacrifice and other kinds of rituals. I have studied them for my MA. But I have never had any psychic power or have never dreamt of having one. But in recent years, I had once received a cow's thoughts (it was simple, 'get me out of here'), and then felt being pulled/called by a large entangled beech tree (once).  Or am I becoming more perceptive? When I told this dream to Jane via email, she asked if I had a dream of the all exhibition preparation had been done magically overnight. Nope, I haven't seen that one. Jane, unfortunately you have to use your muscle for that!

I am getting slowly better. My target is to feel better than the day before. I take about an hour rest each afternoon. I am a workaholic; it is difficult for me to rest. I try to take a nap in the bed, but end up reading a book. Still better than flogging myself at the desk!
So, our dinners have been light this week. Neither of us wants to make an effort. So tiring! I cooked chicken Udon this evening. It is Japanese noodles made from wheat. Udon in soup is a very good sick food. I served mine in the bowl that Mike threw and I recently reduction-fired. I love it. It looks so authentic. I was so pleased with the appearance of the bowl that I will make a couple of sushi dishes for next reduction firing in June.

Chicken breast, Chinese cabbage, broccoli and carrot Udon with ginger

In my own bowl! : )


  1. Beautiful presentation in the bowl. I've had several intuitive or psychic experiences and I too was so surprised at them when they happened. now I mostly get what I call "feelings" about situations and they guide me as to whether I should go somewhere or do something or not go somewhere or not do something. I think everyone can have psychic experiences if they let themselves become more perceptive. good to hear you are getting better.

    1. Thank you, Linda. I think so, too. It's our perception. Now I live in this quiet part of the world, opposed to exciting but noisy and hectic big city, I listen to the world surrounding me. Thanks, finally we are having the third spring day here in Canterbury. Bright and warm. It's a rare combination here! ; )

  2. My most vivid dreams are the ones that comes true. Sometimes years later.

    Your bowl and noodles look so good. It is uncharacteristic hot and windy here in California. So right now I like soba. I do hope you are feeling better.

    1. Oh, you too, Charlene! So intriguing!

      Ah, the word 'hot' is not often used here! ; ) But today is officially a spring day, our third one, this year. It's lovely! Thank you, I am on the mend. I hope the warmth continues to help us to recover fully. : )