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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Rabbit mask and dogs' misery

Hello everyone. After recovering, I have worked 7/7 and 12/24 to catch up with the six-week-loss. As a mature student with day work, little Online shop to run, animal family to look after, 24 hours seem to be not enough. Still I sleep as much as I need. That's my priority. Mike calls me a dormouse! But I have trimmed down everything else.

Last night we had art critique class. Unusually, all students were present. The time is tight. We have an essay deadline and  the assessment of our works are looming. Those who finish this year had to get their final works to be ready for the MA show in early September. Even I started feeling a bit under pressure, although I am the first year of two years course.

This morning, we found good results of glaze tests in the kiln. Phew! It is one of our favourite glazes, but still when we made a new batch we run a test. After that, we have spent a whole day decorating and glazing pots. It was so cold in the garage, we did it in the house. Messy! We have finished five bowls and one plate today. The plate is being fired in the university kiln right now. The bowls will be fired tomorrow here. I am anxious. When I fire tableware, I am much more anxious than sculptures because there are so many things to go wrong. We are crossing all our fingers!

This is the small rabbit mask I quickly made to fill the space in the kiln. What a fun! This crackle glaze looks so good on the white stoneware clay.
Small rabbit mask

rabbit mask-before


Our dogs have not been very happy this week. We took Topaz and Pearl to a vet for jabs. Pearl was petrified. She attempted to escape from the window of the waiting room. She also hid behind me, whined, barked and needed to go to toilet twice! In the meantime, Topaz was excited. She likes vet visits for some  reason we don't know. She even led us to the vet door, and tried to go inside by herself. Even so, she didn't  like teeth check. Notice the position of her tail. (picture below)

Then this week one of our neighbours is having workmen removing the existing patio and laying a new lawn in their back garden. The sight of the heads of workmen moving above the fence (that's what dogs see!) drove them crazy! They believe that the heads are new types of squirrels running on the fence. They become hysterical and wait for them to appear at the back door. They had to be locked in their crates for a long time. I hope the work would be over soon for everyone's sake!

Topaz will need teeth cleaning soon. : (
Pearl is hyperventilating with fear! 




  1. Dogs are so funny - mind you I'm not keen on having my teeth checked either! Love the rabbit mask x Jane

    1. Hello Jane. Thank you! : ) Yes, they are really funny. They have their own view and world! : D

  2. Hello Midori San,
    Your Bunny is very kawaï!^^
    (me i like particulary"rabbit with red eyes")
    friendly and skully yours,

    1. Hello, Lenore san! Thank you. Japanese rabbits are always white with red eyes, but here mine are a bit Euronized! :D

  3. That is a really beautiful glaze result and just a bit of colour on the eyes - lovely.
    Strange for two dogs so close having different reactions. Does Topaz not try to calm Pearl?
    Take care of yourselves.

    1. Hello Patricia. Thank you! I hope you are alright. Topaz was over-excited and didn't seem to notice that Pearl was in distress. Topaz even squeezed her head between Pearl and Mike who was holding Pearl while the vet was checking the teeth! It was so comical! : D