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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Ceramics degree show

Hello everyone. Last night Mike and I went to a preview of degree show in ceramics in Christ Church Canterbury University. We have been to degree show every year for a while. But, this year is different because those girls exhibiting are our friends. I have seen them working so hard and long in the cold studio. Sometimes I have given some of them a bit of advice and encouragement. I feel connected to them.

When we arrived there, each girl looked so proud and beautiful. How lovely to see them like that! There were their family and friends celebrating their show. I had only seen their parts of works in making; of course, they look completely different in displays. They are very impressive.

Claire Sart-She made very atmospheric and sensitive space.

Lenka Bellova - Colourful pots hide very political messages. Visitors were intrigued by her works.

'Navy' Chung. H.T.-She uses ceramics and glasses beautifully. Lovely brains!
Carolyn Arnold - Her unglazed porcelain works are so feminine and delicate. With her porcelain corset

Viv- Impressive large wall pieces. Lovely piece of art.  
From right, Navy, Claire, Lenka and Claire's friend

At the reception, beautiful madame Jane and cute James.
They didn't empty the bottle. It was just very hot! 

If you come to Canterbury, Do visit the degree show. Ceramics department is in Augustine House near East rail station and just outside of the city wall. You won't regret the visit.


  1. Midori, so happy you treated us to a peek at the degree show. I found it quite interesting. Years (and years ) ago in high school I took basic ceramics and some courses in clay sculpting . They were both very basic classes. I do so appreciate the advanced art of the craft and creativity you and your friends have accomplished with your study and work.

    1. Hello Willow. I am proud of them. : ) It's fun to find budding artists and young and mature energy in degrees shows. I'm glad to know that you have enjoyed a peek. : )

  2. It's always so exciting to see degree shows. The work shown is of a very high caliber indeed......and such pretty, happy young ladies celebrating their work!

    Congratulations and future success to all!

    1. Yes, Suzi. I agree. The girls would be delighted to hear that. Thank you! : )

  3. congrats to all, intrigued by the wall piece.

    1. hi Linda. This large wall art has such impact. It was reduction fired. My photo doesn't do justice to it. (Taken in the evening)