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Monday, 7 April 2014

Another bisque-firing and the British Museum

Hello everyone. I have just started the kiln for bisque-firing.

The lower shelf.

Mike made a pair of little owls as tests. Do you remember we bought a bead rack? They are the first ones to hang from it!

The top shelf
I wanted to make another piece, but after a few hours' trial, nothing came out of the clay. So I gave up, and made an anteater for fun. The anteater we saw in the Zoo last weekend inspired me. He had gentle eyes and cute ears, so does mine!

My first anteater!


We went to the British Museum for my research on Saturday.  I needed to look at the Lewis chessmen again. They are in a new bright display. I could see them in detail.

The Lewis chessmen
We had stayed there until we became hungry. There are always so many interesting things to look at. These are Roman brooches. One is a rabbit. The orange one is a sandal brooch! Why? I thought it was a pickled cucumber! :D

Roman brooches. Rabbit and Sandal! 

Then we went to Soho to have dim sum. We found a restaurant recommended by the Time Out as well as Japanese expatriots. Yes, it was delicious!

Then I came across the Chinese stationary shop I had wanted to visit for years, by chance.  I did some shopping!

After that, we went to Mayfair. After some shopping, we came back. What fun we had! It was also my monthly day-off. I usually have a half-day off each weekend. Once I take a day-off, it would take a few days for me to get back to the rhythm. so when I have got a project or two, I prefer to keep working.

I hope you had a good weekend, too!


  1. sounds like a perfect weekend! beautiful brushes and can't wait to see the anteater :-)

    1. Hello Alison. We had a chilling and yummy weekend! : ) I am excited with the anteater! He looks gentle and sweet, just like the real one! Japanese ink painting is my hobby. I hope I would get back to it during summer!

  2. Fabulous anteater !
    It is always so interesting in your kiln.

  3. Thank you, Willow. I am thrilled to have my own little anteater! : D

  4. Hello Midori, your new works look wonderful and interesting, I love the owls and the ant eater, hope they turn out well :) The Lewis chessmen are amazing, they have fascinated me for many years. I wish I lived closer to the British Museum .. have only been a couple of times, but as a potter it's a very useful place to gain inspiration!

    I agree, a sandal does seem a strange thing to have as a brooch.

    1. Hello Mark. Thank you. Mike made the flat owls as tests. : ) HS1 changed our lives. I used to go to Paris or Lille on day trips before it opened. Yes, the British Museum is a treasure land for me! The sandal brooch has puzzled me a lot. :D