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Friday, 11 April 2014

My painting table, spring flowers and Pearl met a tiger!

Hello everyone. It is so nice to finish all my work before dark on a Friday! I have glazed and loaded the kiln full, and even had a tidy up of my studio space! Ah, lovely!

The last three days, I have concentrated on glazing and painting bisque-fired figures. This has somehow made me hungry for high calorie food. I am a bit concerned if I am going to be a piglet at this rate!

I have three tables for my ceramics. One is for making, another is for painting bisques; they are in my studio. The third one is for packing  in my office.

My painting table has had these ones. A view of my painting table - yesterday.

Rolling heads!

The hair of this boy might become blotchy because I didn't mix enough colour at one go. I was making the colour under artificial light at night, so I couldn't tell the nuance of the shades. I guess he would need at least a second firing.

They will be in my Etsy shop, if they come out fine. 

This is how the heads were held.

This afternoon, I started loading the kiln.

The lower shelf

The top shelf
I hope they will come out fine. The kiln will be opened on Sunday morning.


In our garden, there are so many flowers at this moment. I can finally enjoy them this weekend. We will put the garden furniture out.

Oriental poppies -very early!

Lily-flowered tulips. 
Our eating cherry have lots of flowers! But birds will have most fruits! :D
This afternoon, I took Pearl the whippet for an ordinary walk around four blocks. At the farthest end, we were chased by a tom cat! Pearl became bonkers, and started barking at him. The cat made himself large by arching and putting all fur spread, and chased us! I ran away as I dragged Pearl who was ready to fight. Then when I looked back, the cat was behind us, still chasing us! And when I hurriedly crossed the road, he came to the closest corner of the other side, and did a wee! I picked up Pearl and held her as if she were a child (heavy and cumbersome with those long legs) and whispered her 'Don't make a mistake. That's not a cat, it is a tiger!' 

Bluebells near us
 Have a great weekend!


  1. What an adventure with the tomcat ~ oh my .
    Sounded frightening.
    That kitty has the soul of a Tiger for certain !

    1. The cat was something! :D Yes! It has never occurred to the cat that it is actually a relatively small animal, I think! :D

  2. Pearl is not very brave ! Poor girl, the nasty cat scared her :)

    Love the face of boy, love his hair too. I like to see how others work. Good luck for firing :)

    1. Pearl wanted to fight! But I was scared! Imagine what could happen!
      Thank you, Ilona. I hope his hair is ok, not too patchy! : )

  3. Love the poppy and the bluebells, amazing how you put your sculptures together after firing, would love to see a demo of that.

  4. Demo? :D Nothing to it, Linda! If you make them fit before firing, they will fit like gloves after firing, too! : )

  5. NIce work! Love the heads..... and yes, the spring is beautiful also here, in Artichokistan :)

    1. Thank you. The best time for North western Europe! : )

  6. I love seeing into your kiln, Midori. All those faces looking up makes me smile with delight.

    1. Hahaha! Sometimes they spook me when I open the kiln : )