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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Crying owl and my fairy godchild

The first work for Landmark Arts Centre Midsummer Art Fair is finished. I started this in late January.  I needed to glaze-fire him up to 1240C four times, mainly because grey underglaze around the eyes has had problems. It has been a long journey. I am so glad it is done now. 

Crying owl
He just appeared after I heard from a mutual friend that my sick friend had been bullied by a nasty and coward man. I wanted to help the friend who has never said anything about it. But as I can't do anything else, this owl appeared from my clay. His tears are made of blood. It is very unusual piece among my work. 

There are a couple of pieces nearly finished. But I have to wait for another glazing firing for that. In ceramics you always have to work in the boundaries of available kilns. Ideally you fire a full kiln. It is more efficient as well more ecological. When I was using university kilns, it was easy. But now I always have to keep an eye on how to fire work. Quite often I have to stop glaze-firing even when I have still more to do because there won't be enough for firing or the combination of size and shape of work wouldn't suit to another firing. Good planning has become essential. To make it easy, I put a shelf in an open cupboard at the height of my kiln interior. So I am able to grasp which should be fired with which at a glance as I make. This photo is just before the second cupboard was put up next to it. The lowest shelf is my kiln size.  

Here are some pics of work in progress. 

Porcelain wreath 1

Porcelain wreath 2

Porcelain wreath 3



My 3 1/2 month old fairy godchild from NZ has visited us with his parents. Seb is such a smiley baby. He made us all happy. His parents are very loving. Seeing them made our hearts really warm. How nice! The second time in my whole life I held a baby! They plonked the baby on my lap. I was really surprised. I didn't know he was so heavy for the size. I think babies are dense! He is with his parents in this photo.

My fairy godchild, Baby Seb.
To prepare the visit Mike and I had blitz yesterday. We threw away things, did a tidy-up and cleaning. The ground flood became clean and tidy, but some mess had to immigrate to upstairs! :D

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